Dear Shippers,

Please be advised of our insurance policy which will take effect November 5th, 2021.
The insurance policy is implemented to protect the customers’ purchases in the event of loss or damage. Therefore, in the unfortunate event that your package is lost or damaged when it is received, we will compensate your loss.
As per our commitment to live up to our name ‘Ship It For Less’, we have ensured to keep our insurance fee at the lowest possible minimum.

The fees will be applied as followed:
EC $1.35 per package except for high valued electronics and auto parts over US $100 which will attract a fee of 1% of the total invoice.

For instance- The insurance fee on clothing, shoes, toys etc. will attract an EC $1.35 fee per package, while a cellphone or car part valued at US $105.00 will attract an insurance fee of US $1.50 or EC $4.05 per package.

If you are still unclear about how our insurance fees are calculated, please feel free to contact us.

Please also note that all handling fee is priced at EC $5.00.

Best Regards,