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  • Please complete the form carefully when requesting our package delivery service.
  • Packages will be delivered within the hour window you select for delivery.  Eg. If you select 11:00am, your package will be delivered within the 11am-12pm window.
  • Please ensure that you leave an accurate contact phone number. The driver will call you once he has arrived at your location to deliver your package(s).
  • Package delivery reservations can only be made 3 hours in advance. Eg: If you request the package delivery service today at 11am, the soonest you will be able to schedule your delivery time is 2pm permitting that slot is available.
  • You can cancel a delivery 2 hours before the scheduled delivery.  For cancellations requests less than 2 hours before scheduled time, please contact the office at 869-466-1151.
  • You can reschedule your delivery date within 2 hours of your scheduled delivery. Please note that the new date is not immediately confirmed.  Once we receive the request, we would review and confirm accordingly.  Once confirmed you will receive a confirmation email and your schedule will show as “CONFIRMED” on this page.